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About Us

Experienced Designs, Inc., was founded on the belief the Internet can be more than brochureware, more than just static pages and piecemeal design. It can be more than just an electronic storefront.

Our personnel have written web applications since 1995. These applications bring in millions of dollars monthly, reduce clerical duties and improve doing business with their customers.

We believe in keeping your customers in mind. Using user-centric design methods, our personnel are skilled in more than just how to make things look good, but the way your customers, distributors and suppliers will interact with your site.

Email us to discuss what we can do to help your business.

Do Something Inspiring

If you like what you see here or have talked to our associates or clients and like what you hear, join us. Experienced Designs seeks innovated, creative, talented, skilled and experienced people.

If you have these skills and would us to review your resume, we employ both full-time and contract associates. Our needs expand as our clients' needs grow.

Please send your text resume by email. No attachments. If your resume is online, include the url address. We'll be happy to review it.

What we do:

website programming
website design
e-commerce programming
fulfillment programming
Extranet programming
database designing

interactive marketing
email campaigns
rich media marketing
viral marketing

online tutorials
online product demos

user analysis
usability testing














Client Spotlight

Success In Focus

A career & life coaching company brings the conversational style of e-zines to its web site.

See what they did .....

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